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  • 1.Kanga Sakugawa (To-de Sakugawa)-

    Kanga Sakugawa's son
    There are several theories of his date of birth and death.(1762-1843,1786-1867,1840-1920etc) He was called “To-de Sakugwa” and respected as an Okinawan martial artist who played a major role in the development of Te, the precursor to modern Karate. He was born in Toribori village, Shuri, Ryukyu. Now we call it Toribori, Shuri Naha Okinawa.(It is also said, he was born in “Akata” in the book “Okinawan History of One Thousand Years)

    His former name was “Teruya” but later, he changed his name to “Sakugawa”. He studied abroad in China(To) and was a National Scholar of Ryukyu, teacher, and administrator of Yaeyama. He was sent to China(To) five times as an Imperial ambassador to Beijing, China.

    His name, “To-de Sakugawa” came from his great work in Karate. He introduced one of the Chinese martial arts, “Beijing style” to Okinawa. At that time, other Chinese martial arts, “Hukken style” was a major system in Okinawa. To set “Beijing style” apart from “Hukken style” people called Beijing style “To-de”.

    After this, Shuri-Te was influenced by To-de, and Naha-Te was influenced by Hukken style. Also, he used deep breathing and other new techniques for To-de. He became one of the most famous Okinawan martial artists. “Sakugawa’s clun”, “Sakugawa-no-kon” is one of the famous Kata.
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