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Karate Episode 5 -Principles of Okinawa Karate-

Principles of Okinawa KaratePrinciples of Okinawa KarateThere’s no articles mention about principles of Okinawa Karate specific. However, we can learn what our masters thought and what they believed from their words.


Karate Episode 4 -Kanryo Higaonna Part.1-

Kanryo HigaonnaKanryo HigaonnaIn 1853, the year when Mattew Calbraith Perry visit Okinawa on his way to main land of Japan to press for opening its door to foreigners with his huge “Black Ships.” On that year, Kanryo Higaonna who was one of the beat Karate players was born in Nishimura village, Naha, Okinawa.


Karate Episode 3 -Sokon Matsumura Part.1-

Sokon MatsumuraSokon MatsumuraThe end of the 1600s, Napoleon conquered Europe.
In Okinawa, [then was called Ryukyu kingdom,] the end of the 1600s was the years of King Syo-ko.


Karate Episode 2 -Martial Arts Competition-

King -Martial Arts Competition-King -Martial Arts Competition-A rare article in early 20th century was found !
We have found an article published in 1922, Taisho era in Japan, about Choki Motobu by Dainippon Yuben Kodansha magazine company.


Karate Episode 1 -Choki Motobu Part.1-

Choki MotobuChoki MotobuThere are many great Okinawan martial artists in history.
However, Choki Motobu who was called "Motobu Sa-ru", "Motobu Monkey" in English is one of the most famous Okinawan Karate martial artists. He was born in 1870 as third born-son of Choshin Motobu who was the 9th generation of Motobu family.
The first Motobu was Prince Sho Koshin Motobu the sixth born-son of King Shoshitsu.