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Karate Episode 2 -Martial Arts Competition-

A rare article in early 20th century was found !

"King -Martial Arts Competition-"
[Publishing: Dai Nippon Yuben KODANSYA, September 1925]

[Miraculous Man]

motobu_01.jpgIn November 1922, there was a Martial Arts Competition in Kyoto, Japan. People got interested and excited about it.
One day, a man who looked middle aged stepped into the dressing room and said,

"I want to join this competition right now!"

A person in charge of this competition was surprised by the man's words because he seems too old to join the competition.But the man kept repeating that he wanted to join the competition and finally the person in charge accepted his offer.The chief asked what kind of martial art the man wants to play and whether he knows the rule of the competition or not. The man answered,

"Any kinds of martial art would be fine and I don’t know the rules."

So the cheif explained the rules and told him to fight against with Russian martial artist, George who was the best player of the entrants.The man was named Choki Motobu and seemed age 50's, but his body was well trained.

[George VS Choki Motobu]

motobu_02.jpgGeorge, from Russia is huge and seems strong, on the other hand, Choki Motobu is not big, middle age and seems not strong enough to fight against the Russian.The audience was disappointed in Motobu because Motobu doesn't seem strong at all.

George stood on fighting swiftly. He moves and watches for a chance to paunch his opponent but Motobu won’t move an inch. Motobu raises his right hand near his right cheek and stops moving. This strange style was new to everybody and one of the other entrants realized that this style came from Okinawa and was called karate.

Everyone in the audience cheers George but when he is knocked down by Motobu, they were terrified of the middle aged man because his form was unfamiliar and it seemed like he slapped the Russian guy several times and beat him.
The audience was amazed by his performance and couldn't say anything to him.

[Stronger than Wood]

motobu_03.jpgAfter the match, one fighter who realized that Motobu was a Karate player talked to him.He asked about Motobu's Karate and saw the middle aged man's fist.It was like stone! Well trained!Other fighters came to see his fist and were surprised by it.This is not a surprising thing if you know how hard Karate players train themselves every day.They use stone to train their hands so this Karate-ka's hands become a human weapon.
It is said if Mr.Choki Motobu punched wooden pillar, the pillar will be dented.

This translation is just summarizing the original Japanese magazine,“King”in 1925