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All Japan High School Athletic Meeting in Okinawa, 2010

Students who played an active role in Karate-do tournament of Chyura-shima PE festival in Okinawa. Their great success promise their future progress and success.


A rare article in early 20th century was found !

We have found an article published in 1922, Taisho era in Japan, about Choki Motobu by Dainippon Yuben Kodansha magazine company. ...


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Okinawa is a birthplace of KARATE. But recently, the "birthplace" has various meanings. Some people saying, "THE MODERN KARATE'S birthplace is Tokyo." And some people think Okinawa is "a one of the" birthplace of KARATE. In addition it is a different from modern KARATE, and the KATA are little bit "old." I'm sorry, It's truly misunderstanding. In Okinawa, KARATE is still living in our life. Many school have KARATE programs at their gymnastic class, And there are many KARATE DOJO around the town.In Okinawa, The number of KARATE DOJO is top class of Japan. (It is in same time, it is world top class record !) We hope a lot of people know KARATE.. And we wish many people will have KARATE experience. So we making this KARATE web site with our passion and pride. Difficult matter is aside, Anyway, Enjoy KARATE !