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Okinawa KARATE Persons

Karate Person 8 -Choki Motobu-

Choki MotobuChoki MotobuChoki Motobu was one of the best Karate players of Motobu Udun Te style. He was a third-born son of Anji Choshi Motobu and born in Akahira village Syuri, Okinawa in 1870. Motobus was one of royal blood family right below Prince’s rank and their mission was to protect their master, King and his family as warrior of Ryukyu. Because of this, they have their own Karate style called Motobu Udun Te. “Te” the origin of Okinawa Karate was divided into three different styles called; “Syuri-Te,” “Naha-Te,” and “Tomari-Te.” And Motobu Udun Te style was inspired by “Syuri Te.”


Karate Person 7 -Seikichi Uehara-

Seikichi UeharaSeikichi UeharaSeikichi Uehara was the 12th-generation of Motobu Udun Te Karate. He was born in Oroku village Okinawa in 1904. When he was 12, he started to learn Motobu Udun Te style under Choyu Motobu, brother of Choki Motobu. After Choyu Motobu, Seikichi Uehara succeeded of the “Master of Motobu Udun Te.” He also practiced the style under Choki Motobu, and he mentioned that Choki Motobu’s lesson was the most arduous.


Karate Person 6 -Kanbun Uechi-

Kanbun UechiKanbun UechiKanbun Uechi was an originator of “Uechi-ryu.” He was born in Izumi village Magiri Motobu Ryukyu han [Ryukyu fief.] Kanbun was very looked like his mother Tsuru who was tall, iron health and eloquence.


Karate Person 5 -Gichin Hunakoshi-

Gichin HunakoshiGichin HunakoshiGichin Hunakoshi was born in Yamakawa village Syuri [Now it is Yamakawa Syuri Naha city] in 1868. Hunakoshis had been served royal family of Ryukyu kingdom for generations as warrior class of Tomari. However, his father was heavy drunker and because of that, they downfallen and became poor when Gichin was born.


Karate Person 4 -Choshin Chibana-

Choshin ChibanaChoshin ChibanaChoshin Chibana was the originator of the Shorin Ryu, which is one of the biggest Karate group in Okinawa. He was born in Toribori, Syuri in 1885. His uncle, Chosyo Chibana who was one of the Karate master learned Karate under Sokon Matsumura and was the family head of Chibanas. Chibanas was one of the relatives of royal family.


Karate Person 3 -Choyu Motobu-

Choyu MotobuChoyu MotobuChoyu Motobu was born in 1867 at Akahira village, Syuri.[Now it’s Akahira Syuri, Naha] and dead in 1930.
He is famous as Choki Motobu’s biggest brother. Choyu was the 11th lineal Karate master of Motobu Udun Te. He was a great Karate master and also good at Ryukyu Dancing or Ryukyu poem. He learned not only Karate but also Japanese fencing, horsemanship and so on.


Karate Person 2 -Anko Itosu-

Anko ItosuAnko ItosuThere are several theories on his date of birth and death. 1830 [1831/1832/1838] -1914 [1915/1916]
Anko Itosu is known as the Master who introduced Okinawan Karate into school curriculum and it is said that after he taught Karate in school curriculum, Okinawan Karate became famous. He was born in Ishimine Shuri. [Another theory said Yamakawa Shiri]


Karate Person 1 -Kanga Sakugawa (To-de Sakugawa)-

Kanga SakugawaKanga SakugawaThere are several theories of his date of birth and death.(1762~1843,1786~1867,1840~1920etc)
He was called “To-de Sakugwa” and respected as an Okinawan martial artist who played a major role in the development of Te, the precursor to modern Karate. He was born in Toribori village, Shuri, Ryukyu. Now we call it Toribori, Shuri Naha Okinawa.(It is also said, he was born in “Akata” in the book “Okinawan History of One Thousand Years)