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Byron Fija's "Pirin –paran Katayabira"

Byron Higa’s “Pirin –paran Katayabira”

The 1st program

Uchinaaguchi, or Okinawan Language, lesson by Mr. Byron Fija !
Please master Uchinaaguchi watching this program !!

Introducing Byron Higa !

1st story
Introducing Byron Fija !

Each culture has their own distinct language. In Okinawa, "Uchinaaguchi", the Okinawan Language, had been spoken by people from generation to generation. However, less and less young people today are not able to understand Uchinaaguchi.
We must not lose our own Island language!
That’s why Byron Fija started Uchinaaguchi lessons here.

Let us start with Mr. Byron Fija’s motion picture.

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2nd story
The first greeting (1)(2)

Here we are! This is Byron Fija’s 2nd Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan Language) lesson !!
Today I’d like to talk about how to greet each other when we meet for the first time.
Here is the first phrase when we meet someone.

2nd story  First greeting (1)
“Gusuyo hajimethi wouganabira”
-Everyone, how do you do?

First greeting (2)
 “Hajimethi yasai”    “Hajimethi yatai”
  Hajimete ya”

-How do you do?

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3rd story 
The first greeting (3)

I’d like to talk about greetings again. This is how we introduce ourselves in Uchinaaguchi

3rd story   First greeting (3)
”Wanne, Fuija Byron di iichoibin”
-I’m Byron Fija.

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4th story
The first greeting (4)

I’d like to talk about greetings again. This is how you end your greeting.

4th story      First greeting (4)
“Mi shicchouti kuimisebiri”
-I would be glad if you keep in touch with me from now on.

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Byron Fija

Sanshin Okinawan folk song singer
(singing Okinawan folk songs playing Sanshin, Okinawan instrument)
Okinawan Language instructor
Born in Naha in 1969, grew up in Koza (present Okinawa city)
Born from an American father and an Uchinaanchu (Okinawan) mother
He never has seen his father
He couldn't speak English at all until when he was 22 years old
Studied in U.S. for two years at the age of 22
First time playing Sanshin, Okinawan instrument, was when he came back
from U.S. at the age of 24 and now
he is Sanshin Okinawan folk song singer
Take Uchinaaguchi lesson from an Okinawan stage actor Kochu Makishi

◆Radio Okinawa, Sunday 13:30-15:30
“Minyo-no-hanataba / Pirin-paran Nichiyo-bi” ”(Bouquet of Okinawan folk songs /
Pirin-paran Sunday)

◆The Okinawa Times “Warabi” (newspaper)
“Byron Fija’s Uchinaaguchi Pirin-paran”
Essay now on series

◆The Okinawa Times culture school
Uchinaaguchi, Okinawan Language, class instructor

◆Appeared at various events including lectures in social welfare associations, community centers, and women’s clubs in each municipalities in Okinawa

Although having a Western appearance, Byron Fija has a deep Okinawan soul. He speaks only Uchinaaguchi, the Okinawan Language, in the radio programs, as he feels distressed that less and less young people speak the Okinawan Language today.
Uchinaanchu ! or Okinawans.. Never forget your own cultural language!

Special skill :
quick play of Sanshin(The Okinawan traditional strings)

Sugiko Moromizato

Freelance announcer
Born in Shuri, Naha city
NHK high school broadcasting contest interested her in recitation and broadcasting.
Learned from voice actor, TV personality Mr.Toru Ohira

◆Radio Okinawa   Mon.-Thu. 16:00~17:55
“Nishi-machi radio village”

◆78 typhoon  fm “Hitowaku”
Friday DJ

◆Okinawa Churaumi  Aquarium narration and others

◆weblog “Okinawa discovery club”
releasing information about Naha and Okinawa by Podcast

◆Representative of Okinawa Voice Labo. 

Studies vocal expression, and has an experimental reading stage ability

Her hobby is participating in her interests, such as at the moment, she is interested in Yoga and flute.

She was born and raised in Shuri, but she is not able to speak Uchinaaguchi, Okinawan Language, which she hopes to change.
Her dream is making Ryukyu poems using Uchinaaguchi.
It’s a long way to go, but it is a mighty challenge to go for.


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